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With over 25 years of experience, ADR Studio is a dynamic and adaptable design agency offering a wide array of services. Our international team of 30+ highly-skilled professionals specialize in branding, design, marketing, communication, AR/VR, and Web3. We prioritize exceptional client results, and our adaptability helps us remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our flexible approach allows us to effortlessly incorporate new talent and freelancers, ensuring the perfect mix of skills and perspectives for each project. As a company driven by innovation, we are always seeking emerging talent to further expand our creative boundaries.

Opt for ADR Studio Design Pte Ltd for a unique combination of experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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80% of our customers collaborate with ADR Studio continuously, renewing their confidence in our professionalism and appreciating the excellent results achieved.

Performance Marketing

It’s what we do, not communication for its own sake. We work alongside entrepreneurs and companies to increase their potential, envisioning new frontiers.

Tailored for you, like a suit

We drive an in-depth analysis and a tailored marketing plan. With this approach, it is possible to achieve high performance, minimize errors and time waste. 

Agile, that is the right way

Our team works committed with a structured method; efficient and effective solutions to large multinationals, essential brands, and SMEs.

A combination of optimism and continuous improvement are at the heart and soul of ADR Studio.

  • Meet the founder

Italian-born Antonio De Rosa developed a passion for communications and marketing, working in diverse roles within the video game industry. After obtaining a Master’s degree, he held various positions in advertising agencies across Italy, the US, and Asia, and worked on international campaigns for IT companies. Antonio pursued industrial design and ventured into network marketing, becoming a sought-after specialist.

He gained recognition for conceptualizing future Apple products and co-founded Socialmatic LLC in 2012, winning numerous innovation awards. Antonio’s career in networking led him to become an industry-leading Chief Design Officer and an Ambassador of Network Marketing in 2019.

His design firm, ADR Studio Marketing and Communication, has a global presence and has garnered significant accolades from 2020 to 2023, establishing itself as a distinguished industry leader.

Antonio De Rosa

Visual and Concept Designer

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