ADR Studio celebrates Daisy and their partnership for marketing and communication.

Apr 24, 2022 | Design, Marketing

As New Media Agency, it’s common for ADR Studio to follow projects from the beginning. We followed Daisy from the first step Daisy, when they approached the market with their revolutionary idea: a smart-contract based platform developed by a group of professional marketers and designed for crowdfunding and retail investing,

Daisy is a totally new decentralized approach to how DeFi community can unite together with a single purpose of exploring opportunities, with full transparency that has never been available up until now for retail investors.

During the last international event in Dubai – for which ADR Studio created and developed the image, Daisy outcome the expectation, showing itself as actual economic reality and a source of great opportunities.

ADR Studio is proud to be part of the journey of such a company’s success and growth.

Discover more on www.daisycrowd.io