ADR Studio collaborates with the Dexagon project Metaverse

Dec 30, 2022 | Design, Marketing, Strategy

Antonio De Rosa and ADR Studio obtain the exclusive rights for the Business Development of the Dexagon project

After the beginning of the experience in Dubai, on the wave of business development in Asia, Antonio De Rosa and his ADR Studio team continue the path of strategic partnerships with technological excellence to important companies.

Antonio and his team have signed an agreement for the business development of the Dexagon project, an interesting new reality on the international scene that blends concepts such as Metaverse, NFT, and Real Estate. Dexagon’s goal is to build a gate, a passage, which can merge living, hyperrealism, luxury, and the concept of the digital economy, in one single place. Without a distinction between virtual and real.

Thanks to new technological developments and the new frontiers of the economy, this huge new sector is making incredible progress, and Dexagon is a candidate to be a major player, not only in Dubai.

Together with the guys from ADR Studio, the goal is not only to consolidate the position and find new channels to be able to expand one’s possibilities. One of the main targets is also to look into Asia, where the Metaverse is rapidly growing thanks to the proximity to technological poles and huge investments from part of the countries involved.

Dexagon will start shortly with a new round of licenses, and NFTs placed on the market, aimed at confirming the success achieved with the first licenses, which literally sold out in the course of a few weeks.


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