Bring your Company into the MetaVerse Era.

What are the advantages of the Metaverse?

The discovery of a new way to intend the business is just around the corner. With a growing perception and acknowledgment of the spaces and the freedom to work, it’s becoming mandatory to build a place that can follow the rules more adherent to the new modern times: delocalization, decentralization, planet-friendly, fast.

With a personal MetaVerse, your Company will be natively attached to a new stream of development, talking in a modern language that will lead to a better place to build a relationship, business, opportunities.

How do we do this?​

ADR Studio comes from a long journey in digital marketing. Born in 1997, ADR Studio followed and thrived through the central Digital Revolutions of our era: the Internet, E-Commerce, Social Networks, and now Meta Verse.

With a capillary network of prominent experts, ADR MetaBuild regroups the state-of-the-art consulting in terms of Meta-building that will bring your Company in the following decades with entirely new and shiny armor.

MetaVerse Building

ADR MetaBuild helps you have all the AR/VR Metaverse infrastructure, merging the physical and virtual world through Augmented and Virtual Reality, creating a new dimension where everything is possible.

NFT Marketplace

Build your space for NFT Owners and creators, where your brand can develop through an incredible new level of perception.

  • NFT Marketplace Building
  • Digital Art
  • NFT as Services
Token and BlockChain services

Creating your token for your project/service is not painful as before. A dedicated team of experts and top-class partners will support you through the whole journey.

  • Tokenomics
  • Legal Advisory
  • Governance
  • Whitepaper
  • Auditing
  • Token Rating
  • Exchange Listing
Additional Services

All of this could be just the beginning for you. You will need a series of tailor-made services to let your Company grow without hassle.

  • Lead generation
  • DB injection Prevention
  • Aggressive affiliation program
  • PR and news-making
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media hack
  • Growth hacking
  • CEO Personal Branding
  • Huge Social Proof.

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