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Sun, sea, free time, fun, freshness, this conveys the Bluuclub brand and invites you to disconnect from the monotony of everyday life to immerse yourself in the ocean bluu.

For the USA/Asian Company able to offer to the world a solution based on monthly subscription and sharing economy for travel, experiences and e-commerce, a breath of freedom and dream landscapes.


April, 2021


Network Marketing
Subscription Economy


Bold colors that refer specifically to the blue of the ocean, from the darkest and deepest shade to the more lively and relaxing one.

From the colors to the development of the logo, the reference is anchored to the symmetry of the extended ‘u’, witch lights up the sound of the project name and increase the perfection ideal associated to the main color and its natural element: the sea.
The claim, instead, contains all the ideals that make this initiative an avant-garde in the reference sectors. “Subscribe to your happines” is an invitation to change, to find something more than the gray of everyday, by continually searching moments of personal happiness.


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Even the website, characterized by countless animations and breathtaking landscapes, induces curiosity in the visitor and stimulates the search for happiness.

But the strength of BluuClub is in the offer simplicity, so in just a few pages it is clearly illustrated and it offers the access to the various opportunities offered by this subscription:

  • Travel;
  • Exclusive experiences;
  • E-commerce;
  • Training & Education;
  • Business.


Extaordinary experience and landscapes are are the protagonists of the numerous promo videos produced to enrich presentations, events, social channels …


A deep graphic and functional restyling, oriented towards usability, simplicity and user interface, was implemented on the software systems involved, from the travel search platform to e-commerce.

At the same time, due to the nature of the company’s business, has been necessary to update the business tools (presentations, documents, etc.) to allign annd make them more consistent with the brand image, and with the awesome project objectives.


The social strategy has been created and adapted to the specific business with continue highlights to travels, products and subscription.

Coordinated actions aimed at the brand presentation and sharing, are constantly followed by daily inviation post dedicated to the participation in this experience and business model.