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Great Rooster

Hot, spicy and taste, the ispiration behind the design for a brand committed in the mission to deliver really great chicken, with quality and professionalism.

For the Thai Company a brand that to recalls the cooking flames, in its most lively shades, able to wake the desire to savor a great chicken.


January, 2021




Bold colors that refer specifically to the strong and spicy flavor of a Thai-style chicken red and shades of orange are already a foretaste of the taste of this great chicken.

From the colors to the development of the logo, the reference is to the main dish, represented by a free-range chicken that is born from the flames to bring to the table an unprecedented delicacy and flavor, underlined in the commitment of the claim “Where chicken is great”.


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From 2021 projected towards the future through dedicated stores where quality crosses all things and provides the brand with a denotation of modernity that winks at the past and its traditions of a cuisine rich in flavor and passion.


The identity and soul of the brand can be found on the take-away packages and on the sauce bottles, to bring with you, even at home, the visual strength released by this chicken and satisfy all your senses.