Branding – Coordinated Image – Packaging

Hatyai Cuisine

Refinement and elegance distinguish the brand that offers unique emotions with its precious cuisine firmly linked to local natural products.

For the Thai Company a brand image characterized by light and calm shades with slight references to gold to enhance the preciousness of the dishes and specialties offered.


January, 2021




Pastel colors with high contrast that reveal the simplicity of natural flavors and the exclusivity of each dish and the refinement of each product.

From the colors to the development of the logo, structured as if to form a stamp that lends itself well to being embossed on mennu, business cards and packaging, the reference is to the two main activities, bakery and Restaurant,


RGB (82, 84, 82)

RGB (199, 175, 159)

RGB (255, 255, 255)

A mix of tradition and modernity give life to a unique and engaging sensory experience that starts from the store setting and ends with the tasting of the delicacies offered

PACKAGING & Coordinated image

Dedicated packages for the takeaway product with a clear and an identifying line that is also found on the accessories dedicated to service in the restaurant. While a choice that recalls the tradition for jars