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The basic idea able to allow the Kalos brand development is essentially found inside the simplicity. 

The desire to enhance people beauty through a solid, reliable and proven effective product, cannot transcend the bond with nature.


March, 2021




Pastel colors recall the constituents elements, the aquamarine with the mix of Earth Marine Water and Aloe Vera Extract, while Celadon mixes the tone of Opuntia Ficus Indica and Extract of Licorice.

From the colors, to the development of the logo, the reference is anchored to the simplicity with the use of the ‘K’, which becomes also elegant when enclosed in a rectangular frame together with the number 1991: as symbol of the generation that brings the brand to the future.


RGB (191, 235, 222)

RGB (223, 227, 202)

RGB (77, 77, 77)


Thought the website, characterized by a fluid and clean setting, the visitor is lead to product discovery, from its essential components to the origin of the most precious elements, up to the commercial offer that gains strength thanks to the proven effectiveness (before / after) and reviews.

The professional nature of this website solution is highlighted more thanks  the presence of a section with columns dedicated to the skin health, expert tips and advice for those who really care about their skin.


Freedom Lifestyle, Sun, sea, uncontaminated landscapes and unique natural environments characteristic of Thailand, the cradle where this brand was born and spreads rapidly to expand beyond national borders and reach skin health conscious customers all over the world.


When we create a packaging for creams, we always need to think about how to use the product, keep ingredients and materials in mind, obviously without neglecting the attractive design.

The Kalos brand image, primarily created to be reflected in the product packaging, expresses all its harmony and functionality in the 70ml soft tube. An ideal format to always be at the user’s side.


The social strategy has been created and adapted primarily to the local reality, the starting market for the product distribution.

Coordinated actions aimed at the preliminary brand presentation and sharing, are constantly followed by weekly columns dedicated to recalling expert opinions, advice and exclusive promotions.


An ambitious series of events with Kalos and its users as protagonists, through excursions in the Andaman Sea and in the Gulf of Siam. Extraordinary and unrepeatable experiences that increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction