Branding – Coordinated Image


Rest and well-being are the starting point for a brand built by considering the following eight  keywords:
1. Calm
2. Peaceful
3. Quiet
4. Serene
5. Supportive
6. Sleep
7. Relax
8. Comfortable


A brand positioned to offer the best solutions for rest and relaxation, a unique and effective sleep, but with an eye to your daily well-being at home and on the go. By trying their products you can simple smile, pleased and satisfied.

What is the color of complete comfort and relaxation?
We’ve extended our reach into a realm of the unknown, carefully acquiring the top hues of a goodnight’s sleep mixed with the relief of sinking into bed after a long day of troubles


RGB (36, 70, 130)

RGB (81, 169, 255)

RGB (139, 226, 255)

RGB (215, 226, 255)

RGB (242, 245, 255)