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T&Y Mong thai

A video streaming platform dedicated exclusively to Muay Thai sports matches, a martial art and full contact combat sport that has its origins in Mae Mai Muay Thai, an ancient Thai wrestling technique.

For the Thai brand able to offer a wide choice of sports content, combat and insights related to the fascinating world of Muay Thai, a brand with harmonious and orderly shapes with a strong reference to local tradition.


July, 2021


Streaming Platform


2 Bold colors, carnation red and deep blue they help to represent a world full of emotions and extreme physical activity that is made up of combinations of punches, kicks, elbows and knees, which can only be practiced thanks to an intense athletic and mental preparation.

T&Y Mong Thai starting from the diffusion in asia, is strongly establishing a starting point for the worldwide diffusion of a traditional Thai sport that can equal in terms of sporting interest, more widespread disciplines, thanks to this sport peculiarities.


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Coordinated Image

Coordinated graphics also for the proposed clothing line, with the main colors always in the foreground together with the logo, and for the customization of places or transport vehicles.