Branding – Coordinated Image – Social – Video – Web Design – UI


Soft shapes, clean and green image to identify the social network based on the shared digital economy. A project characterized by strong principles of solidarity and green economy.

For the European Company able to launch a new idea of sharing economy inside a new form of Social Network, an image idea that recalls sociality and green aim.


September, 2020


Network Marketing
Sharing Economy


Different shades of bright green that represent a typical vitality of a social network and an idea of concrete development of the sharing economy and support for the weakest.

The Claim contains the ideals that make this social network strong: “Sharing Life Togheter” invites the total sharing of one’s life: of interests, purchases, ideas, projects to share the value of each one and generate a benefit for the entire community .


RGB (77, 171, 91)

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Conceived as a support to the social platform, the website represent a refer pointo for all the people interested in the project. Thanks to a large navigation tree, all the components of the project available at launch phase, and also a preview for the initiatives to be developed in the future.


Dynamic videos accompanied the launch and subsequent releases, with an eye always attentive to the human component, the center of a project like this.

Ui App

Improved experience in mobility to always be online and laugh always available all the functions of the social network.


The social strategy has been created and adapted to the specific business with continue highlights to sharing experience, ideas and objectives.

Coordinated actions aimed at the social and fuction presentation, have been constantly followed by daily activities and interaction with a cross channels activity.