Packaging – Marketing and Business Tools – Website – Video – UI


From the brand born from the ashes of World GN, and relocated to the technological space in support of an integrated proposal of wearable technology, blockchain, AI. and personalized supplements. The derivation of brands specifically designed for product and projects able to build the different project’s areas and commercial offer.

Marketing and Business Tools

Presentations, brochures, support material for products, events, projects and business. Everything designed and created as part of a coordinated marketing activity focused on international dissemination and understanding, often with specific functional adaptations for territorial areas and targets.

project Website

Design and graphic/content definition for VYVO Labs website, created to provide through the CEASE project a reference area for studies and experiments relating to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic.


Since the launch video for the new brand, the video production has heavily used technological elements with a strong emotional impact to explain the solution offered associated with the business opportunity.

Ui App & Devices

Starting with devices System UI with the integration of new funnctions, measurements and indicators, to the fully VYVO Smart App redesign, following the path of the digital health profile and the highest level of detail for measurements and reports.