Branding – Coordinated Image – Marketing Tools – 3d – Video – Web Design

World GN

A deep restyling for the brand of a network marketing company active in the field of technology that marks a change in the direction of wearable devices. From the introduction of Helo, a smart band able to monitor the main body’s bioparameters, to the creationn of a solution capable to assign personalized supplements.

All this has determined the definition of corporate identity, products, concepts and multiple producers in order to build and structure the different areas of the solution


From the companies websites, to the restiling of neetwork tools like the Store and the Personal area, passing through the creation of UI and mobile applications able to provide support for wearable devices. all in accordance with the new graphic identity and the innovative overall aims of the project.


Product promo videos, explaining video for the project and business opportunities. Launch, recap andd presentation video for numerous international events. A large and complex video production determined the success of this project.


An essential set of product brochures, presentations, flyers, documents, always focused on the details and specificities of each device or idea to always best illustrate everything


A large production of concepts and 3D, the result of ideas and intuitions that have often determined the preliminary phase to the prototyping and the realization of different series of devices and products essential for the project.