United Investors Group chose ADR Studio as a strategic partner

Mar 30, 2022 | Marketing

Business partnerships are crucial, especially nowadays. This is crystal clear for United Investors Group (UIGI), a dynamic group made up of thousands of individuals driven by one purpose: achieving financial freedom through new businesses and opportunities. The group is quickly picking up traction thanks to its tireless leadership and proven success stories, which is why anyone curious should keep an eye on them.

“My vision is to make sure anyone I touch becomes financially free.”

This selfless, noble goal is held by one of the top members of United Investors Group International (UIGI), Rabu Gary. As a successful entrepreneur, Rabu Gary understands how is essential to have a strong business partner by your side. Here comes ADR Studio, helping UIGI keep a fresh, new design, together with an underneath development of software platforms and applications.

“I knew Rabu in a past business experience.” – stated Antonio De Rosa, CEO of ADR Studio – “I have always been shocked by his commitment and dedication to his goals, business, and family. We share the same principles, and I guess this is why we have powerful chemistry between ADR Studio and UIGI.

”UIGI is developing, through ADR Studio services, a fantastic platform, cross-media, and open to anyone: with a minimum effort, anyone can be a leading actor in the raising meta-economy, taking massive advantage of the early steps in this new business reality.

For more information regarding UIGI please visit https://rg.unitedinvestors.group